Lying on a raft in Walloon Lake, I was so calmed by the roll of the waves that I dozed off and found myself washed up on shore roughly thirty minutes later. I’ve never been able to sleep well, yet the waves lulled me into one of the calmest sleeps I had had in a long time.


Later, I was perusing the internet and came across a list of what was considered by the author to be the most beautiful words in the English language. I read through the list when one word caught my eye: wafture. It’s defined as “the act of waving or a wavelike motion.”


It was easily the most beautiful word I had ever read. It was symbolic of how my mind works my mind works, never staying still, and it was reminiscent of all my times spent in the water. My best memories have been made by the water: the summers spent with my closest friends, the nights of mischief my cousins and I got into, the days I spent with my siblings on a cruise. I am at my best around the water. I am better than my best when I can feel the waves pushing me to and fro. When you finally find that word that embodies your personalized aesthetic, the word that reminds you of the good times in your life, you can’t help but fall in love with it. So you whisper it to yourself and fall in love again.



Image from https://www.pexels.com/photo/blue-ocean-ocean-wave-sea-513390/


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