Mornings. They are the bane of one’s existence but the most beautiful part of the day. They range from a lazy morning full of coffee’s aroma to a rushed escapade. No morning is the same, they all have their differences and similarities. There are many beautiful parts of the beginning of a day, one must be mindful of what they all are.

Everything begins with the sunrise of a new day. An event which occurs everyday of our lives—yet is taken for granted. Watching a sunrise requires patience and maturity, two qualities which are important in everyday life. A sunrise teaches one to be wise in how time is spent, and how a morning mentality can be all day.

Mornings can last all day. They don’t have a time limit, a lazy morning can turn into a lazy day. Sleeping in is a sign of much needed rest, this can also set the tempo for the rest of your day. Or one can wake up bright and early to start a workout to energize. A morning signals the beginning of a new day, everything which happened yesterday is in the past. Mornings force you to live in the present.

Breakfast is an essential meal in everyday life, it gives one the energy they need to have their best day. For some, food is the best part of the day, so why skip the most important meal of the day? Breakfast is limited, there are stereotypical foods one can eat only to break their fast. But pancakes and bacon are great for any part of the day, it’s mouth-watering just to think about.

What matters is the journey, not the destination. Looking forward to mornings is uncommon but are often just as filled as the rest of the day if you look hard enough. One should enjoy each morning and invest a few moments to consider the opportunities of the day. Whether one’s plans for the day are to relax and refresh or conquer their mental list.


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