We are constantly surrounded by contact. Thoughts, people, sounds, smells, and emotions all descend toward each other in the culmination of ideas and expressions that make up life. Sometimes, these connections cause discord, clashing together like the sounds of a shrill violin and a glass shattering. Sometimes, however, there is a different outcome, and we find ourselves strangely at peace during those moments when connections are made creating something beautiful: in harmony.

Two piano keys, for example, separated by seventy six of their brothers and sisters, sound simultaneously. Worlds away, their songs join… but we do not hear the clash. We instead hear a melancholy chord, instantly pulling from within us feelings of soft sadness. The low note recedes, to be replaced by its neighbor two doors down, and the new duo rings out a new, confident answer to its lonely predecessor. In both chords, each note is a separate component, yet without each other they are nothing more than noises fading into nothingness, leaving no trace of feeling or emotion.

Harmony, however, is not a phenomenon solely of music: it is  the glue that gives life itself meaning. In a world of differences in opinion, appearance, and persona, conflict in inevitable. There is a surplus of discord and brash dissonance to last a lifetime. Yet within that cacophony, there also exists harmony if we are willing to find it. Harmony necessitates acknowledging differences, and finding how they complement each other, and if we make the efforts, we will hear the songs of those piano keys; we will find how we as people can create from our dissimilarities, something powerful and inspiring.


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