Words are used for many purposes; describing, emotions, nouns, comparisons, and more. Sometimes, however they are used just for fun. A great example of this is kerfuffle, a personal favorite of mine. The definition is a commotion or fuss, caused by conflicting views or opinions. The origin of this word is from England during the early nineteenth century. The root word is “fuffle”, which means to be dishelved or messed up. I like this word because it is hilarious and fun to say, but also because it takes a simple word like a fuss, and makes it more complicated than it should be, but in addition makes it more interesting. When I heard this word for the first time, I loved the way that it sounded because it wasn’t like any other word I’d ever heard before. What makes a word my favorite is that it has to sound unique and different, and also a little bit stupid, because I don’t think you should take anything too seriously. I like the word kerfuffle because it sounds fake, or made-up, but it is actually a real word.  Kerfuffle has nearly limitless versatility as well. In place of any word for a commotion, ruckus, argument, disagreement, etc., you can simply use kerfuffle. 


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