There are approximately 170,000 words in English and meaning of each words can be different to everyone. The word “Independence” is very special to me. When I first came to America in 2012, I did not know any English, which means I did not know how to write, speak, and read. One day, I got a message from my friend who is in Korea and he asked me if I knew any cool English vocabulary. Of course I did not know any cool English vocabularies. So I ran to the bookshelf and picked an English dictionary and randomly opened up a page; the first word I saw on the page was “Independence”, the word looked long and complex enough to look like a cool vocabulary. So I sent my friend the word that I don’t even know what it means and waiting for his reaction to the word. When he saw the word, he was amazed; even though, he does not know what it means.
After having a conversation with my friend, I decided to look up the meaning of the word and the definition of Independence was “Freedom from the control.”, which I really liked because I really wanted to be free from school and my parents at that time. Also the other reason why I like the word “Independence” is because my home country, South Korea, would not have became the same as now without having passion to be independent from Japan.


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