There are over 170,000 different words in the English language that have many powerful meanings, I think the one I embody the most is “Journey.” What does it mean? Well, a journey can take one on an unpredictable adventure, and as of right now, every single human is on a journey through life. I myself am on what seems like this endless journey through High School. It hasn’t always been pretty for the most part but I’ve learned many lessons such as hard work, discipline, and respect. Coming in as a freshman I was extremely lost and school overwhelmed me. Although, as the years went on and I was more accustomed to everything, not only high school but also life became easier. You definitely grow as a person and start figuring out what’s best for you, which shapes you to be a better individual. Although, In all journeys, mistakes will be made, and unfortunately you can’t go back in time and fix those mistakes. Instead, you learn from them and better yourself as a human being.  

  1. Fritch 3 years ago

    Deepu, I really like the word choice here, I think the word journey has many meanings besides just the description in the dictionary. To be honest I feel lost with different things every week, from school to doing everyday chores. I feel like being confused is part of human nature and that is just part of the long journey of life.

  2. Fritch 3 years ago

    Deepu, I really like the word you chose, it is a word with many meanings even though it only has a few in the dictionary. I felt the same way entering high school and to be honest I feel lost multiple times every week with different things. I think it is human nature to be confused, especially when entering a new setting like high school.

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