Some words are amazing. Words like ambivalent, siege, or steadfast. My favorite of these brilliant words? I adore the word adore. It depicts warmth and pure feeling. It is not about anything physical, nor is it about a vague friendship. When you adore someone, you go farther than loving them. Adoring is reserved for a special kind of love. The kind of love where you would give your life to save the other person. Adore sounds like a hug. It is like a promise of happiness. I adore my younger sister. I may not always like her, but I would never trade her for anything in the world. The warmth of camp fires and cuddles fills me with the word adore. Adore. Adore. Adore. Taste the word. Sugar? No, that is not quite right. It is a taste of sugar with that tang of sour behind it. Adoring someone will keep you in their hurricane. When you adore someone, you can forgive their mistakes. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a bit of a sour taste in the mouth. Adoring is not as fragile as love is. I know that my boyfriend adores me when he just wants to hold hands, or when he just wants to talk about our days. I can see that he adores me when, after two years, I still catch him staring at me. A person that people adore is a person that I strive to be.


Picture by Me 🙂

  1. Bella 3 years ago

    This is an incredible and beautiful post. I completely agree with what you said about adoration being different type of love. And I agree that it is the post pure kind. I absolute loved how you said adoration is not a physical kind of love, that is what makes it so beautiful.

  2. Claire 3 years ago

    I love when you say “adoring is not as fragile as love is”, great piece!


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