Super, a double edged sword. Extremely good or extremely bad. The versatility that the word super possesses is intriguing, it can be used as a way to describe something of great nature, a super hero. However at the same time it can mean the opposite in the right context, super villain. These are not the only ways to demonstrate the full usage of the word super.  

The word super, while it has many uses is maybe better described as happy. Someone telling you  “you did a super job” is an amazing feeling and one that is made possible by the word super. Therefore the word super is associated with a good feeling or reassurance. Making someone’s day is as easy as saying the word super because that’s how it’s done. Giving someone  a compliment using the word great makes it all that much better. The joy of the word is what makes super by far my personal favorite word.


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  1. Johnatan 2 years ago

    Dear, Trip
    I’ve learned so many things from reading this post about power only just knowing the simple meaning of power. I’ve learned that there is many meanings behind the word power either in a negative or positive way. One statement you made that stood out to me was when you said” However at the same time it can mean the opposite in the right context, super villain. These are not the only ways to demonstrate the full usage of the word super. ” This caught my attention because there is only one way to show the power of someone like super man or super villain. This got me to think of much ways that power can be used for and thanks to you I have been thinking of way power can be used in a every day life .

  2. Alana 2 years ago

    Dear Trip,
    I am excited to read about your post because the word Super is a small word with a huge impact on me. The way you explain the word Super is important to read because most of the people in the world can relate to the word Super. One thing that you said that stood out to me is “Super, a double edged sword. Extremely good or extremely bad.” I think this is intelligent because when people hear the word Super they automatically think of a good feeling or the super hero Superman, but at the same time people can also think of Super as a bad way to define someone’s personality. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time when I was younger my brothers and I were playing with his toys and he had a superhero toy and a super villain toy. Both them and I argued about which toy was more super than the other. Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your post was really inspiring to read. It was also very true on what you had to say on people and their view of the word Super.

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