There’s a word that helped me many instances in my life. It assisted in pursuing dreams, looking forward into the future, and making a comeback after a fiasco. Whenever someone said “no” or rejected what I had, thought, created, or performed, this helped me rise and give me determination to reclaim my shattered goal. Can you believe in the power of one such word?

Optimism, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means “hopeful of the future or the successful outcome of something.” To me, it’s more than that. I’ve always been a kid meticulous with time, thinking about what I needed to do for my life ahead of me. Being hopeful of certain outcomes helped me predict my time management and establish goals and pursue them without a doubt. I could expand my imagination onto many things past what was expected and bound by reality because I was optimistic. I worked hard for every step in my path, receiving accomplishments in order to obtain employment I’ve always wanted to have.

At times, though, I would fall short. I would get an atrocious grade on a test. My proposals would be rejected. Stage fright would make me look terrible as I performed for an audience or I would get hurt as I played on the field. Despite these blunders, optimism helped carry me through, helping me see the mistake I made, so I wouldn’t need to repeat it again.

It’s amazing that one word could give a great impact in my life.


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  1. Kaitlyn 1 year ago

    Dear Joseph,
    I am interested in your view of optimism because, of the way you have been treated made you think in a positive aspect, instead of staying negative.

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