The original work of Jamaica Kincaid Girl can be found here.

For this assignment, we were supposed to interpret Jamaica Kincaid’s work on “Girl.”

Go to sleep early in order to wake up for school on Monday;  Show up on time all week if there’s a problem you tell me; Don’t forget to put cologne on, But dad I can’t handle the smell and some students can’t either.  I don’t care you’re a man you’re supposed to smell good all the time;  Treat Your family and friends with respect  Don’t insult them or treat them bad;  Are you paying attention in church school?  Are you 1 of the students that talks during class?  You have to listen and pay attention to the Lord’s word;  Remember most important don’t talk to girls unless it’s about work;  You can’t date a girl right now because they will distract you I need you to focus in school you’re paving the way for your brother;  Put a belt on you can’t look like a thug;  Treat everyone with respect;  This is how you greet someone;  This is how you greet someone you don’t like;  This is how you greet someone you hate;  This is you greet someone you like;  This is how you greet someone you love; This is how you eat;  Don’t eat sloppy and like a pig you’re a man and you eat like one;  Don’t do something that you will regret later on;  This is how you avoid problems;  This is how to solve conflicts without using violence;  This is how you solve conflicts using violence;  No matter what happens you can’t cry;  “But dad what if i want to cry”  you only cry if someone from the family dies;  This is how to look professional in all aspects of society;  This is how you look professional at church;  This is how you look professional in business situation;  This is how you curse someone out without saying one profane word;  This is how you insult someone’s manhood;  This is how cook food for your brother;  This is how approach women and talk to them;  This is how to protect yourself and your women when the time finally comes;  This is how to make a group of people laugh;  This is how to make friends with anyone;  This is how you avoid awkward situations;  This is how you lie without remorse or without feeling guilty; This is how you flirt with girls;  this is how you curve a girl; this is how to impress a girl;  this is how to take care of a girl and protect;  This is how to defend yourself from a girl;  This is how you overcome being dumped;  This is how you overcome being rejected;  This is how you hammer;  This is how you screw;  This is how you cut wood;  This is how to do a man’s job;  This is how to work from sunup to sundown;  This is you get food;  This is how you check if it’s good for you;  This is how walk;  This is how to talk;  Why do I have to walk and talk like that? It’s a sign of respect and as a man, you need to treat everyone with respect.



  1. Cree 3 years ago

    javier, the post was cool dude

  2. Ricardo 3 years ago

    Dear Javier, nice post dude.

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