Words can have a huge impact on our lives and they can inspire us in many different ways. One of my favorite words out of the entire English language is the word perseverance. Even though this word is very common and not complex when compared to other words, it truly inspires me in ways other words can not. First off, the definition of perseverance is “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties or failures or opposition.” Throughout life, and especially through stressful times such as school, perseverance is key to get over certain roadblocks that deter you from achieving your goals. Because I am a highschool student, there is a lot of pressure to do well in every class and to prepare myself for college and beyond. Adding on to that, getting a lot of school work, such as tests, quizzes, and homework, as well as having pressure outside of school, can really stress students out. In order to get through these stressful times, students like myself need to persevere and fight for their goals. For example, when I get a bad quiz score, I will often get upset and frustrated, but in order to improve myself, I use my difficulties as a learning lesson to make myself a better student.The word perseverance also applies to people outside of school. When people are faced with difficult times, such as family issues and certain failures like not getting their dream job, the only way to get back up is to persevere and to turn your doubt and hesitation into confidence. Adding on to that, there are a lot of books and articles talking about a person’s perseverance. In The Maze Runner, for example, Thomas, who is the main character, has to team up with his fellow “gladers” to solve the never-ending maze. While doing that, Thomas faces many difficulties such as memory loss, confusion, tension among other “gladers”, and the anxiety of being trapped in the maze forever.  Books and articles like The Maze Runner are meant to inform audiences about a character’s own journey through ambitious times and his or her’s perseverance to fight through it. These books are also used to inspire others and to really exert the point that with perseverance and hard work, anyone can achieve anything.


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Can Perseverance Be Taught?

  1. Makenna 3 years ago

    Eric, I can connect to your post. Being a high school student as well as a teenager, I experience a lot and understand your post well. Your post really inspired me. The way you worded your post was awesome!

  2. Bryce 3 years ago

    Dear Eric,
    I am satisfied with your post because it is an accurate representation of perseverance and what it means to you. You also give context and an example from a popular book series. One thing you said that stood out to me was “Because I am a high school student there is a lot of pressure” I think this is interesting because high school students are able to relate to you and your story. Your post reminds me of what happens to me everyday. Also being a high school student, stress adds up on me. I have to worry about grades and college, etc. Thanks for sharing your post, I look forward to seeing what you post next because you are a very deep and intelligent writer. Your message is easy to relate to and interesting.

  3. Siedra 3 years ago

    I can connect to this as a high school student

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