In our English class we were faced with a challenge to mimic the writing style of Jamaica Kincaid in what is known as our own literary selfie. Below is my recreation of girl that reflects values I was taught as a young child. I hope you enjoy.

The original article of girl is available here

Study hard and never give up; always listen to your peers and teachers; obey their commands, don’t look for trouble but if trouble finds you defend yourself, never look for excuses, try your best to overcome obstacles — life can be unfair, get up and continue, this is how you stay organized, always clean up after yourself; a first impression can be a doorway to new opportunities — take them, treat people the way you want to be treated; ignore those who don’t believe in you; choose friends wisely, treat friends like family; pressure will pull you down like gravity, play sports to relax, focus on education — obtain a good job so you won’t have to work hard like your dad, always chase your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem, when you are winning stay humble; never brag, act accordingly , to represent your name and family — your reputation is important, don’t mess up, people always remember your mistakes but forget your acts of greatness, smile everyday, you never know who you spread your happiness too, this is how you clean your room, Do I have to clean it everyday?, no matter how you feel always clean your room and help around the house with chores, never argue with your parents; they are the ones who took care of you since you were a baby, don’t be influenced by your friends or environment to change to meet their needs, be yourself, everyone is unique in their own way, you think you’re great believe you’re greater, never let someone tell you that you can’t accomplish anything; know your weakness and adapt to circumstances to excel; Treat women with respect, open the door for the ladies and show them that you are a true gentlemen whether you like them or not; do your homework, But mom I really enjoy playing soccer, priorities over wants, never be close-minded, open your brain and heart to new ideas that can change your perspective, most importantly never forget your roots, your background constructs your identity, have clear goals, and never doubt yourself, you are greater than you think, never let your past ruin your future, you think your destiny is written, forge your future, How can I do that?, you mean to say that after all you won’t be able to do so.



Reflection Answers:

-Writing the expectations made out for me was easy because the values that my parents taught me to reside within me because they form my identity and the person I am so it was easy remembering the expectations.

-What was challenging about mimicking Jamaica KIncaid writing style was her simplicity yet very informative writing that conveys a message.

-Ms.Paraiso should redo this assignment in the future because it helps the students strengthen their writing and mimicking skills which will help them in the future.





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