Knead la masa with bare hands and make sure there are no lumps; make the tortillas thin and the size of your hand; keep your skin away from the radiant sun; don’t overcook the frijoles on the kettle; put your shoes under your bed to keep from making a mess; go purchase extra peppers from the supermarket, but make sure they aren’t soft, they might spoil faster; boil four eggs for the filling; wonder what is it like to interact with other people; keep things organized and petite; your posture must be straight, or else people will find you unappealing; don’t accept anything from anyone, they might be a bad influence; check over the calendar to keep to date; I never understood why things needed to be done all the time; this is how you fold the laundry after it has been dry; fold in both arms first; tuck in your shirt and button your pants, that way you wouldn’t look messy; this is how you place the dinner plates properly over the cupboard; this is how you water the daisies – not too much, they will sulk in the sun; pull out unnecessary weeds from the ground, they will prevent other plants from growing; this is how you sweep a corner; this is how you sweep a whole house; ignore and look away from those that you despise; straighten the tablecloth, make sure there are no wrinkles; this is how you tidy up the house when a guest comes over; head to school early, that way you won’t be left behind in your studies; behave appropriately among others so they don’t think of you differently; stay clean every day, even if you are sick; don’t bother people, they will find you annoying; don’t throw things — other children will taunt you once you are caught; this is how to dress yourself to church; make a good impression during a school meeting; defend yourself when needed to — otherwise kids will pick on you countlessly; this is how you name your place when someone challenges you; this is how society wants us to be like; this is how you take care of your siblings when no one is home; never let a person disrespect you for no reason; fight for what you earn, don’t let others put you down; a woman has self-control, you should too; this is how you take a step back and understand what you can take; this is how you grasp onto the right to say what you need to say; but what if I cannot speak strong to make it clear?


In our assignment, we were able to rewrite “girl”, but write it based on our story. In the original version of the story didn’t target any specific storyline character in it, so we altered it into a version that explained a similar story to Jamaica Kincaid’s. We kept the same format as her original, it was alluding.  It was quite easy when you rewrite it into something personal because you understand it yourself, as long as you do, everyone else can too.




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