My assignment for AP English Literature class was to remake the short story of “Girl.” To get to the original writing by Jamaica Kincaid click here

Wake up and wake your siblings; get dressed for school it’s Monday; don’t forget to eat breakfast; get out early so you don’t miss the bus; focus on school and do your work; don’t misbehave in school; always depend on yourself; believe in your possibilities and what can you change; always remember that education is the key to success; always be proud of who you are and where you came from; always think of the reasons behind your success; make sure you know what you’re doing–so you don’t get lost; always ask yourself and think of each step you take; be confident of what you’re doing–no matter what people say; when you feel sad–this is how you can feel happy; pray and talk to god from your heart, talk about your feelings , your problems, your weakness, and your hopes; people might not be there for you always ; you have to set your goal and vision; try to spread peace and love in your community; always put yourself in other people’s shoes– so you can feel them; don’t be selfish; be loyal for your country,community and for people that trusted you; remember life is hard but there’s always hope; this is how to be a braver girl; this is how to determine on things; this is how to get better and improved; this is how to make your dream come true; this is how you stand after you fall; this is how you cry in a corner that no one can see you–so you can stand again and become stronger; this is how you have to get use to a hard life; this is how you will be able to defend innocent people; this is how you make peace among everyone; this is how you will face a lot of obstacles; this is how life goes–you fall and then you stand again by yourself; this is how you will learn and develop; this is how you will your voice be heard; stand in front of people with no fear inside you; but what if people see me as an just a powerless woman?; you mean to say that after all you’re just going to let people be the reason to stop you.

Being able to write my own expectations that were made of me made me feel so proud and impressed by the comments I read about my post. Some of the challenges I had with mimicking Jamaica Kincaid’s style was the last part where I had to think of a question and meaning too. I think yes Ms. Paraiso should do this writing assignment again because I really like writing things that had to do with our life’s or about anything else and it’s good for us to see what we have to say because some people don’t like to speak ( I’m one of those people sometimes) so their only way to express what they want to say is written.




  1. Alexandria 3 years ago

    Dear Alzahra, This story of yours was truly inspiring. I liked how I can make connections about how if your hear positive things throughout the day can boost a positive attitude. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Anthony 3 years ago

    Dear Alzahra,

    I am very satisfied with how you expressed yourself in this text It’s so inspiring because of the fact that you are such a motivational speaker i can just tell everything you talked about in this context could just give everyone you show some type of advice or support in life since coming from a wise and knowledgeable speaker. One thing you said that stands out for me is ” this is how you cry in a corner that no one can see you–so you can stand again and become stronger; this is how you have to get use to a hard life; this is how you will be able to defend innocent people;…” I find this very interesting because I can really relate to this sentence I’ve lived through and dealt with experiences and friendships that make this sentence very understandable. Thank you for sharing your post I look foward to seeing you post in the near future.

  3. Jazmyne 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed your post

  4. Khloie 3 years ago

    this is such a powerful story. I heavily agree with the message you’re trying to send with your writing. The way you kept repeating the word “yourself,” really made me connect with you, and the way you feel as a woman, and sometimes we only ever have to fend for ourselves. I especially felt a deep connection with you, when you kept talking about all the things you have to do throughout the day, just to be shot down, and I feel like a lot of women have to go through that. Very inspiring.

  5. Bryce 3 years ago

    Alzahra, Your post interests me. You talk about things that are true to your life and you draw from personal experience. I really liked that you said “this is how you stand when you fall” as I feel that it is something we can’t be taught and you know and acknowledge this. Your post was very intriguing.

  6. Kyannah 3 years ago

    Alzahra, I very much enjoyed your post and what you chose to talk about. I also agree with Makenna hearing positive things in the morning or throughout the day really helps boost the confidence and helps you stay positive.

  7. Makenna 3 years ago

    Alzahra, I am intrigued with your post. I was also inspired. I like how you stated things to do or as reminders. Those are all good things to hear in the morning or even throughout the day. At the very end I really like how you said, “….you mean to say that after all you’re just going to let people be the reason to change you”

  8. Adewale Solanke 3 years ago

    I can make a connection to this that is why I like this story but it is hard for me to do that wake up wake my siblings and start the day fresh. But this is very inspiring.

  9. Siedra 3 years ago

    This is very inspiring

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