The following is a school assignment for my AP English class. My task was to write my own version of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid. I was supposed to apply Kincaid’s writing style and flow of writing. Kincaid’s version was a story between a mom and daughter relationship. The mother in “Girl” was telling the daughter to follow common feminine stereotypes. Meanwhile, I wrote a story involving myself and my inner self/conscious in which I debate with my place in society and how I should commit/kermit to social norms. The term “Kermit” refers to a well-known meme in which Kermit the frog talks to his inner self and attempts to appeal to what he really feels like he should do. This assignment made me feel excited to write out the expectations that I had for myself. The purpose of recreating a personal version of “Girl” was to recognize an author’s style. This helped me understand the significance of syntax in writing. However it was challenging to mimic her style because there was no pauses so I had to keep the flow of her writing. In “Girl”, it was generally difficult to understand the flow of how the text should be read. My AP English teacher should definitely do this again because I leaned a lot about my personal thoughts on myself and my personal writing techniques. 


Everywhere you go commit to impressing the eyes that lay on your appearance; focus on the opinions and the reactions of others; don’t be different; play it safe and assimilate; hold your thoughts and beliefs and keep them with me; fit in and the rest will fall into place; fulfill these demands and society will receive you; you have to comply to the typical norms; what do you have to do?; I control and manipulate your actions and thoughts; I am the you that conforms to society; be sure to listen to me; but how do I treat others?; treat everyone like critics that you need to please; but how do I please everyone?; tell them what they want to hear and strive to be liked; always think about others; don’t worry about yourself; you are a waste a space unless you adapt to society; be a replica of others; this is how you coexist with others; dress like others; this is how you make others comfortable; speak like you are naive; that is how you make others superior; always appeal to subordination; be okay with being normal; this is how you began to adjust to society; only be original to me; this is how begin to standardize; be overly modest; this is how you keep others confident; never be more confident than others in society; commit to the restrictions of society; never undermine others; this is how you survive; don’t decide for yourself; let others make the decisions for you; this is how you make others happy; don’t innovate; that is how you lose acceptance from society; commit to being average; conform to being basic; don’t speak if not spoken to; always pretend to be shy; continue to stay quiet; society doesn’t accept those with power; be content with being powerless; this how you sustain status in society; what’s my status?; you are what others tell you to be; you do not have authority; don´t speak out; be aware that you are not able to speak; always be unconcerned with yourself; be dedicated to becoming usual; commit to mediocrity; commit to ordinary; be regular; be common; this is how you maintain order in society; do not be popular; this is how you are supposed to behave; grow accustomed to regular; don’t be a misfit; commit to society





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