Enjoy reading my “Literary Selfie” that I wrote for my AP English Literature course. The original version of Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” can be found hereWhat you are reading below is my remake of this famous story.

Wake up it’s already 9am, when you are finish eating breakfast collect all the dirty clothes in this white basket, put the blankets in this large bag, for this little bag put the laundry soap; put the white clothes in this washer with a little bit of chlorine and put these color clothes in this washer –  you do not want your colored clothes to come out colorless and ruined; when all the clothing is out of the washer put them in the dryer, when they are out, this is how you fold them up, and for the shirts of your dad this is how you fold them, so that they do not leave horrible lines and as if they were not well folded or organised; when you are folding them put them back in the basket well organized so they won’t get disorganized; come back home and put them where they belong in every cabinet; get the table set for lunch and give you brother and sister food, and when you see something that your dad needs or is not in the table, stand up and get it; if an important guest comes home, this is how you serve them and talk to them — always greet your elders, so they look at you like a good and respectful girl; when it’s six o’clock get ready so we can go to church, this is how you dress when you go to church don’t use a blouse that shows a lot of skin, always use a long skirt, you are not going to no parties to be dressed as how you want; do not talk to your friends in church at the time of services– you are not ungrateful,
but I don’t even sit next to my friends in the church service because I sit by your side? you do not talk to me back, I tell you that for your sake so that you be mature and responsible for your actions; every day of the week, you have to get up early so you get to school, arrange your bed and your brother, then give him cereal with warm milk and give some coffee to drink, just like you, eat breakfast before leaving to school; brush your hair well and tie it up to look better–getting your hair out of your face; always wear or take a  jacket to protect you from the sun and the cold; always lock the door when you leave; when you are done with school come straight home– you have work to do, don’t stop to talk to the people on the way home, but what if someone asks me for help of where they are trying to go?; you meant to say that you will always be late home for only that reason; when you are home get something to eat, so you do not look as skinny as if we did not have food in this house; be sure to see what I have left in the plastic pot if I haven’t already washed the meat or whatever it is that is putted in the stove to be cooked; this is how you wash and cut meat, vegetables, and onions in pieces, this is the amount of water you have to put in the cooking pot, this are the ingredients that you have to put at first when the food is being cooked and when it’s ready this are the things that you have to put; always move the cooking pot to the other side where the stove does not heat, you don’t want your food to be overcooked or burned; so learn how to do things right, because when you marry a man, he will not tell you what to do with the food or how to do the laundry.



  • Writing down the expectations about me it made me feel as thought I was describing something true because that’s the expectations my parents have towards me. Even though expectations hurt sometimes because we are different from others and they might not come to realize what we want and who we are in reality but that’s how life is. And I felt relieved and confident writing  and sharing my experiences as a Girl.

  • The challenges that I had writing my literary selfie is knowing where to put a semicolon and how to make the story flow that would make sense with every phrase that I was writing in a way that my readers could understand.

  • I would like Ms. Paraiso my Literature teacher to do more writing assignments like the “Literary selfie” because it makes me and others express their selves and what others expect from them. That makes thinking visible for others and understand others life and struggles.


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  1. Annie 3 years ago

    Your dialogue and narrative was fascinating and beautiful, and described to me a very unique life, one that you seem very familiar with, one that you’re comfortable writing about. The imagery of your chores, your expectations, and so on was descriptive and enlightening, and made the piece as a whole a story that was easy to imagine. A clear image was formed in my mind due to your in depth writing and examples. This is really well done, and describes a very unique life that I think ought to be shared more with the public.

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