My favorite word is honest because I do not like when people lie to me or are not telling me the truth. Nobody would want a friend that lies over and over to you about everything. I want to be friends with someone who I can trust and who never tells me false information. I do not want any friends who tell me lies. I do not know one person that would ever want to be associated with someone is dishonest. The word honest is not a long or exciting word but it holds so much meaning in its six letters. The word honest is not a long or exciting word. But I think it means a lot. Without honesty people would be telling each other lies, giving false information or just not telling the whole truth. No one wants that kind of behavior in our world. The world would be a better place if you just told the truth if you messed up and keep it going. But when people start lying and cheating their way through life it gets hard for people to believe anything anyone says without thinking “ what if they are lying” .People want to live their life with people being honest. I do not just want people to be honest with me, I want them to be honest with everyone even themselves. I think that is where honesty starts. Without being honest to yourself you can not be honest with anything else in your life. I think it is hard for people to be honest with themselves because no one wants to believe that they are wrong. Everyone wants to believe that they are right. Once you tell yourself the honest truth then you can tell others the honest truth.  


Image from-  Youth Voices


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