Dear Leaders of America,

My name is Norma PabloCalmo. I am a senior at Fremont High school. I am eighteen years old. I am a nice person who wants to help out her community. I am aiming to become an immigration lawyer. I want to be a leader in any way and live what there is to live while I am on this earth. I believe everyone’s voice is to be heard, not only to include anyone but to understand the perspective of what has to be said. What I have learned from my research of Charlottesville is there are protesters opposing to the removal of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park but also there are counter protesters who are against those protesting the removal of the monument. The kind of protesters are white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, and neo-nazis. Also, President Trump did not point out the kind of protesters who were involved in the protest due to maybe protecting those who might have supported him but only depicted the kind of violence that there was and that it was not acceptable. I can criticize by saying that he did not blame any one which is all right at one point, that no one shouldn’t be blamed for what they have done without thinking, but also what about the groups that were specifically shown, the neo-Nazi’s, do they know what was the history of their name and what was done to others by them? Well now as of August 15, 2017, in a white house conference he did say those who were condemned. OK, so he did point out those who were to be punished.

Being here in the USA has been a big thing for me. I can point out little things to you but in this letter, I will point out the big ideas I want to get you to know a part of me. I have been here for around 15 years. I don’t have any idea of who is an American because simply there is no straight idea to it, but, I do say that those who are true Americans, are Native Americans, they walked many years before us, so I believe they are true Americans, but for now as of how much diversity there has been, we can’t get a clear view of who is and is not an American. I have been to many places in America. Washington, for example, is a great place for those who live nature, like I do, and who want to be solo since the place is spread out. I have been in Oakland for 7 years, and probably more to come. I plan to be an immigration lawyer as I pointed out earlier since I came here I saw the image of those who needed help and sought help but didn’t get one or didn’t know where to get it. Well, when I was at the end of my last year (5th grade) in Home Gardens Elementary School, which is now Santiago High school. Oh, how I would prefer to live my whole life back there, I’m being honest, but I am fine being here in Oakland, CA. I have learned many things and I wouldn’t change it any other way.

Going back to 5ht grade, the first experience I had that took my decision to reach my goal is my uncle being held in jail just for being outside waiting to get a job, finding a job is hard, I have seen that with many immigrant men here in Oakland. I wanted to help him out but I didn’t know how, but now he lives in Washington and I was so happy to grow up with him, he had a good character, the same as I am now. He was acceptable to others and nice to anyone. You would be comfortable around him. That is why I miss him now. Another experience was when I was in 11th grade when the news that in Oakland, immigrants were rounded up to be deported out. I was personally frightened. I did not want to be separated from my mother or my little brothers. Losing my mother wasn’t what I wanted not even my 2 little brothers. One big experience has been since long.It has been always being nice and helping others out. I am like that. Even if I am not doing great I still help others in their situation easing their problem. I don’t want to change to be who I am now. I feel confident of myself and I am proud of that. I am just optimistic. I had an internship during the summer. I worked with lawyers from the Social Justice Collaborative and had the first glance of my future, I loved it. I worked with people from Guatemala, Salvador, Mexico, etc. I was an interpreter, interpreting from English to Spanish to man. I always work to the best I can.

Our elected leader who is now Donald trump should prioritize is getting rid of war. There is a rumor on North Korea beginning a war with the USA. everyone is in danger. Another nuclear war! I simply don’t want that to start since it will be harmful to everyone even him. Another thing he should prioritize on doing is to take more into considerations the things that may happen in the USA such as for example the protest in Charlottesville. We shouldn’t start out own civil war to end each other. We should be united no matter what. Another thing would be immigration. People should be left to live in the USA and not fear to go back to their home country for any reason. I had that experience and by that, I gave up hope since someday someone might grab me and tell me I am going back, but what about my future? What about all the effort I put in while being in the USA? I thought about that, and I don’t want that to happen anymore. Mostly I want our leaders to think and not do what pops up in his head, and think it is right since it may convey to him.

Some ideas I have about these three things may be many and may be what has been used over the years. First of all, there would be a proposition, or a contract, solution, etc, on the war, to have no nuclear war, but mostly no war at all. We should all live at peace. We shouldn’t end the world. To the civil war, I believe people shouldn’t take actions before thinking. No one should die. No one should be paralyzed, or even at least just be injured. As well I believe people should be united to become better than before.

I wish that the future for America would be peaceful full of hope to another day, and not expecting the worse. I believe that there is always happiness and by that, I believe that happiness is not always long lasting. I want everyone to not feel any hatred of any kind and just feel optimistic as I am. Who knows what the future may be, but I do wish there will be peace, complete peace. Well, thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I appreciate it. Take care and take in consideration the words I have.


Norma PabloCalmo

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  1. Jenessa 3 years ago

    Norma!! Amazing piece. I love the way you share who you are as a person to your readers right off the bat. I agree with a lot of things you said. I agree that the Native Americans are the true Americans, that nowadays everyones’ nationality is mixed, that our president should think before he speaks, that there should be no war, that civil rights should be equal, and that are people should work in harmony. I am really sorry that you have to worry about getting sent back to your country of origin. I suggest that you research the programs available for immigrants in school, and find the easiest and fastest way for you to be able to stay here! I will keep you and your family, along with all of the other families who are not from here in my prayers. It’s saddening to think that we had another mass shooting today. Our world needs some help. Keep writing, and keep pursuing your dreams Norma, you’re awesome!!

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