Posted by John on August 30, 2017

Leaders, A Letter about Teenagers

Dear Leaders of America,

My name is John Penitani and I go to Fremont High as a Junior at the age of 16.

I believe people should be treated equally, all races. Growing up in America as a teenager I’ve seen and heard a lot of things going on about people dying, people protesting, and our president deporting people.

As a teenager in America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings. I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the violence especially in places like Charlottesville and Oakland.

One solution I would offer is to do it in a peaceful way. For the police, they should be trained better so that they are more patient. When I said that teenagers are dying by drama, I meant shootings and gang violence. The people elected should set up new laws that would lead to less violence.

For example, with gun laws, you should ban certain types of guns like semi-automatics and pistols. With the issue of deportation, elected leaders should make it so immigrants have more chances to get their papers.

I wish the future in  America would be beautiful and peaceful so that my kids in the next generation will be more safe and loveable to others. I don’t want my kids to see what’s going on in the world right now. So if  you see this letter, please change the system.


John Penitani

Photo by Elvert Barnes