Dear Leaders of America,


My name is Rosalinda Ramos, I currently attend Fremont High School. This is my last year of High School and throughout these 3 years and a half, there’s been many unfortunate situations going on in the political field. The most recent one was the Charlottesville riot. I assume you already know about this situation but I will summarize key parts for future reference. This riot occurred a few days before I started my senior year. I was devastated to hear and see what was going on in my country.As a person of color, this hit too close to home. I live in a culturally diverse area and for the most part, everyone respects each other. It’s normal for white people to interact and befriend people of color. I have seen this all my life and experienced it. When I hear about these white supremacist ideologies, and people of color being targeted by the police I truly get devastated. What I learned about the Charlottesville riot is that there are still a lot of close minded people that practice hate on a daily basis. I am honestly saddened by this because the illusion of race has made the human being lose touch with himself. I also learned that living where I do is such a privilege because of it’s diversity, I get to see the world one person at a time.


Unfortunately, there are many issues that plague our country, but if I had the chance to suggest you an issue to prioritize, it would be to take care of the children whom live in this nation. Everyday a child gets taken away from home and placed in a human trafficking ring, never to be seen again. Instead of spending billions of dollars on war and sending other kids to get killed off in another country, we should use that money to find those innocent souls that are forced to do unexplainable things. Then make sure the criminals who destroy children never get to say daylight ever again. This issue should be your priority because it is known that sex slaves are also taken advantage of from the people in our very own government. If you guys started cleaning up your corruption instead of trying to sweep if under the rug, then the people of America just might trust you again.


It won’t be easy to stop an ongoing issue, but we have to try. We can make sure that the identities of sex offenders are well known, and make sure kids are in the right hands when they’re placed in foster care, groups homes, etc. Taking down those sites in which they offer up innocent and helpless children. We can also make new terms and conditions for clothing lines that make flashy clothing for children, and let them know of new consequences for selling inappropriate material for children. These are only baby steps but they will lead us a long way.


The kids of today are the future of America’s tomorrow. I would like for America’s future to be safe for people from all over the world. I would also like to see the money hungry greed of congressman, businessman, and corporations diminish. I would like to see peace in America and all over the world. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.




Rosalinda Ramos


  1. Zulema 3 days ago

    Dear Rosalinda,
    I am intrigued with your post but also disturbed, the incident that happened in Charlottesville is very upsetting, as well all know. Being one of color it’s even more upsetting because this could happen anywhere with anyone. Our society have never given the appropriate attention that is needed towards people of color, nor what happens with our youth.

  2. EmmaC 1 week ago

    Dear Rosalinda,
    I am disturbed and torn by your post, “My opinion on Charlottesville” because I feel as though today, in 2017 people should treat each other equally no matter the race/color. People should start fixing these problems for our future generations, like you said. But I feel as though, people won’t recognise these problems until we stand up for what we believe in, but it should never end in violence like it did in Charlottesville.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post, and be well. -Emma

  3. Nacia 1 week ago

    Dear Rosalinda,
    I am Upset and Empathetic by your post. It really makes me feel like this world has came to this it´s not right at all about what happens to those people. I think that doing strikes and protesting will help with all of these issues. I also have a couple questions:
    1)Are the government doing anything?
    2) Have you tried to get in touch with the city council/government?
    Thank you for writing your post. I look forward to seeing what your next topic is going to be about because I think itś really important that everyone knows your opinion and try to support you in what you are trying to achieve. Also thank you for reading my comment because I really wanted to tell you how I felt about your post and tell you how life changing it will be when more people get to it.

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