Dear Leaders of America,

The Charlottesville nationalist protest was devastating. I knew the white supremacy don’t want to coexist with people of color already. I grew up in the hood of Oakland, California. Growing up in America as a teenager is an obstacle because most kids around me got their own struggles but still are living in a poverty community. Also going to a broke school makes it even worse upon us because we have to strive harder than others who got it easy.

It’s good that we strive and all but that’s where it separates the low and high income. People who grew up in a family that is financially stable, get some things that others don’t have access to. We don’t get opportunities that the white kids have in the other schools such as better food, cleaner neighborhoods, wider streets etc. We don’t deserve this though. But yet we TRY our best through blood, sweat, and tears to persevere beyond it.

Mainly I would want you to prioritize the issues of the bad and dirty environments such as helping with better school conditions all around the Bay Area (including the ones in Oakland such as Fremont High) and also fix up the bad infrastructures (foundations) in the community itself.

A side issue that I advise you to fix is the promotion of unity. By promoting this, I advise that you find people you can depend on and that has sympathetic for people like us, who can actually help out for what the people really need. A solution I would say fit this conflict is to put the


Sione Omeli Fili Jr.

Photo by Golden_Ribbon


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