Posted by Kevin on August 28, 2017

Listen up Leaders of America, I got something you gotta hear!

Dear Leaders of America,

Hello my name is Kevin Nguyen, I’m currently a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. Research about Charlottesville, brought a lot of attention to me because of the injustices that are happening, affecting the minorities. The fact that the white nationalist are demoralizing minorities, which isn’t right, it shouldn’t be a rally if it’s discouraging a group of people

Growing up as a teenager especially as an Asian in a Hispanic/Latino dominant neighborhood played a role for me. Its very interesting being involved in different cultures and making friends who are different race from me.

Our leaders should prioritize Healthcare being accessible and affordable, These issues should be priority for the leaders because the community,  especially in our community. Need more help in our financially to have healthcare and insurance.

To help with this issue is to have more safety net hospitals around lower income areas. Safety net hospitals help anyone regarding their background so they accept everyone.

I want a future where Americans can be more open minded, and accept people for who they are, allow people from other countries enter the U.S without being judged therefore respecting people for who they are whether it’s disregarding their culture or where they came from