Author: Dynasty

Leaders, can you hear me?

Dear Leaders of America,

My name is Dynasty Spinks Breazeale and I’m anti-racists. I am 16 years old and I’m currently working. I learned in Charlottesville is that everyone had the rights to have a voice and only the supremacists had permits. The things that were happening to the anti-racists was very devastating because i don’t believe in violence. I pray for those who got injured or killed during the car incident.

My experience as a teen is very difficult because there is a lot a racist people in my surroundings. I experiences a lot of deaths and tragic incidents.

I want our leaders to put a stop to the violence. This should be their priority because no one should have to be afraid to go outside because of their skin color or race.

I believe leaders of America should put themselves in our shoes and feel what we have to go through. It might be hard to do that because leaders can be racist, cocky, stubborn, or they are just too wealthy to think about other lives.

I wish the future would be peaceful with no violence.

Please stop the fights.


Dynasty Spinks Breazeale