Dear Leaders of America,


My name is Mauro Delpino. I am from Oakland, California. I am 17 years old and I currently attend Fremont HIgh School. For a class project, I researched and analyzed the events of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. I came to the conclusion that hatred is slowly dividing America.


As a teenager in the United States of America, I’ve witnessed and heard about many horrific riots or protests throughout the years. But in this case, the gap between opposing sides has never been this wide. It is clear that we are not a perfect country but as the people we expect more for those who run it.


Our current leaders are obligated to set an example for our people. Therefore, the hatred our current President brings is destructive. He is prone to throw a group of people under the bus. This type of leadership allows the public to believe that it is completely normal to act on our hate. Freedom of Speech gives the public the right to an opinion and say in important topics. However, right of opinion does not give the public the right to violently hate others for their opinions.


To improve the division of our society our leaders should promote unity. Sometimes our leaders forget that our country is supposed to be the United States not the Divided States .Our leaders encourage scapegoating instead of coming together and constructing a solution. Leaders need to unite and the rally did the opposite for our nation. Our people should share their ideas civically and leaders should facilitate. Our leaders are important because people listen to them. Thus, their words should advocate for unification so that as the people we can learn from each other.


In my opinion, I wish the United States of America can evolve drastically in the next ten years. My wish that our people can coexist although we have different ideologies. That is where the hate originates from and if the US can manage to united the people then we will be just fine.



Mauro Delpino    



  1. Abby 3 years ago

    I really like that in your post you not only expressed your opinion but you also brought forth your experiences and observations. I agree that the Unites States needs to change drastically and I especially liked that you pointed out that we are the United States, not the divided states. Your topic was very current and very interesting to me, thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Anthony 3 years ago

    Dear Mauro, I like how you started of this post, saying ¨Dear Leaders of America¨. That is a really great way to start any post. I know that many people, including myself, are affected by many leaders of this country, especially the one that we call the president. Some things that I like about this post is the amount of detailed used and the words used. I also like how you talked about what should be done, instead of talking about the same things over again. Overall, I believe that this post can be really strong and can be heard, so I hope that this post is seen by the leaders of America.Thank you for writing, and I hope to read what you write next. Sincerely, Anthony.

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