My journey to P.U.L.S.E. began with me thinking I was past school. I thought I was way too smart for school and decided on things like not showing up to school, cutting classes, and not being a respectable student.

Just because I had a job and was getting paid, I would think that school was not necessary. I was earning decent money and because of that thinking, I hit a metaphorical wall and was beat to the opportunity of being promoted because I had no diploma. After going through that and losing such a big opportunity, I decided that I would re embark on the journey.

My freshmen year of high school consisted of me trying to avoid first-period class because the teacher and I didn’t get along. I quickly picked up this horrible habit of waking up early and doing other things in the morning and then going to school after that. This habit helped me in one way but hurt me in another.

For example, this would help me because I was up and motivated to do what my passion at the time was. When it came to school, I was really cocky and felt like if I would do the work and not participate In class, I would pass, but it didn’t work out like that.

My cockiness from earning the amount of money I did at the time, made me think that school was not for me and I was just going to go through high school with no problem. After every cycle of not passing, I would just shrug it off and think I had it next time, not really caring about the real problems I was faced off with. For example, I was more concerned about getting paychecks than going on Fridays.

My sophomore and junior years of high school were filled with bad mistakes, but from these mistakes I picked up many life lessons. These life experiences I went through made me the person I am today, and at the moment I do regret doing these things, but I know I am far wiser than my past self and I won’t fall for temptation

Halfway through and all of my senior year was me just doing all I had to do to get back on track and try to graduate on time, but the essential credits I needed to graduate were not given every day.

I was really close to giving up at that point because it was going to take an extra two years of my life to graduate. I had a cousin who was going through a similar situation as me, and she told me about P.U.L.S.E. High School and how this school would help her graduate on time. But it would ask her to be fully committed, and she would be awarded the credits she needed. Making me hop on the opportunity and continuing my journey.



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