Most people know that stress is a problem and that it often affects people’s health. But the problem now is finding the proper way for you to manage your stress. Some common stress relievers are running, yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, talking about your problem or slowing down so you can think clearly. I am a runner so running for me is often a cause of my stress, but it is still a good stress reliever.

A good thing to do is to make a goal on what to do to help your stress and determine what caused it. Making an obtainable goal to help your stress could really help. My stress goal is to stop myself from getting so stressed that I get angry or frustrated. I think the best thing to do to stop or alleviate stress all depends on the circumstances of the situation. You could do breathing exercises to help calm you down.

A good thing to do is yoga, it helps your mind and body, it allows you to de-stress while also getting essential exercise. But in the event that nothing works talking about your problems or simply getting away from them is help enough.Yoga and breathing exercises are the best things for me to do to stop stress.

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