Stress can be caused by trying to do more than you have time to, which is where a lot of my stress comes from. I am a junior in high school trying to get good grades and be a good student, while also being an athlete. So juggling both is hard to manage at times and causes a lot of stress.  I believe that I have felt the effects of stress. I am tired a lot and lose or have trouble focusing. I also do not have the best eating habits.

These videos allowed me to see what exactly too much stress is doing to me. I never knew exactly how much stress affects your body and how it functions. I think to manage stress I could run; it would help me relieve stress and also assist in my training as well. Stress is a serious thing and if not controlled could have life changing effects.


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  1. Nolan 2 years ago

    I agree with what you are trying to say. I also am an athlete and it gets really hard sometimes when I have practice and then I have to come home and finish all of my homework and study for tests. I think that stress is something that everyone has to deal with no matter what and we all need to overcome stress different ways. I liked how you said the line about how you didn’t know how much stress affects your body. I didn’t know how much it affects you either and I think that everyone should know about this and how it affects you and your body. I play lacrosse and I really enjoy going to practice because it is a break from all of my other work that I have to do and it makes me calm down and relax. Do you feel this same way when you go to your practices or games?

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