Why do we have more respect for educated people?

So I chose this question because this modern world is all about education and I would like to know why.

  • To my thought what I know is that educated people have more advantages in our society and a huge amount of percentage of being successful and well known as the “WISE AND GREAT PEOPLE” in our societies.


  • What I would like to know is that why does that have to be so?


  • https://www.quora.com/Why-cant-I-get-respect-and-love-without-education  


  • According to this web site


the resources I found was that Education is believed to make a person knowledged and skilled and is a gateway to a decent life managed from one’s own earnings.One who is not keen in education is perceived to have somewhat skewed up mentality, not in alignment with the majority thinking. Such a person is regarded as somebody not serious about life, having a laid-back approach in general and may become not a contributor to the society, but a dependent of the society.


Check out this website to read about both sides of the argument :




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