Genetic engineering plays the  role in the production of medicines.Genetic engineering has been obtain  and become importance for  genetic disease.In genetic engineering medicine has been used by insulin, vaccine,hormones.Microorganisms and plant produce a large amount of drugs,vaccines,enzymes.A microorganisms is a microscopic organisms that can be single cell, cell cluster, or multicellular.In microorganisms include fungi,algae,protozoa and bacteria.In gene therapy healthy gene inserted directly in person.Gene therapy  are used  to treat a medical condition.Introduction of new gene in our body organisms through recombinant DNA and this technology make up protein.Recombinant DNA    are also used in production a vaccine against  disease.Gene therapy has been approved  400 clinical trials.In genetic engineering  are used in medicine,vaccine,hormone,Lymphokines,Somatostatin,production of blood clotting factors and cancer.In genetic engineering medical have important role.

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