Genetic engineering is called genetic modification its mean add more new DNA to an  organisms.In every living thing  all use the same  DNA made of

TACG.Today is   genetic engineering is used for food,medicine,research.Genetic engineering is combining DNA from two or more


organisms  then the DNA become 

recombinant DNA.Scientist figure out that is two types of enzymes restriction and ligase,In restriction enzymes cut the DNA and In ligase enzymes,enzymes  attache the piece of DNA together.Restriction enzymes

  are cut DNA sequence and the end is sticky  ends.Genetic engineering has been used in medicine and also used to human albumin,monoclonal antibodies,  antihemophilic  factors.In genetic engineering human cell is the production of insulin.In genetic engineering plasmid is isolated from 

a bacterium then enzymes cut the DNA at specific slide the plasmid is inserted back into the bacterium then the new gene direct to a bacterium and then make a new protein product is called interferon.


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  1. Genetic Engineering 6 months ago

    Genetic Engineering is a set of technologies used to change the genetic makeup of cells, including the transfer of genes within and across species boundaries to produce improved or novel organisms. It will help to cure many genetic issues in future. It has high scope to build career in it. Thanks for informative article, keep sharing.

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