It’s important to know about me that I always been concentrate on one thing, Success. I born in 2003 on february 4th and I lived in some different places on Dominican Republic, but , the place that I lived more time was Santiago de los Caballeros, one of the biggest cities of D.R. On the other hand, I like to do many things at the school like projects or technological things because I like to use my mental strength more than the physical strength. Also, out of the school I like to play my guitar while I listen to rock music, it’s always the best part of my day. In addition, I always help my mother with the house and about take care my little sisters. Also, I’m particularly good in history and I think that I did get that because I’m passionate with what happens before me and how that change the history and makes the world that we have today. In conclusion, my plan for the future is to  become a doctor and be able to do other interesting things like computer science because my biggest dream is to be independent, that it’s so important to me because i see so much injustice with so many things but I never have the opportunity to make the difference so when I become in a doctor and an independent woman i should can help others without any obstacle.

Immigration impacts me in so many ways. One of the biggest impacts in me was the opportunity of come and study in The United States. This helps me not only in learn english, I learn so much about science, mathematics, history and others subjects that are very important to the real life. Also, immigration helps me with the union of all my family again because the only ones of my family that were in D.R were my mother, my two little sisters and me. But now we are all together. This obviously changes the structure of my family, now we are an immense family and we are all happier than before, it’s a really positive change to me. On the other hand, I feel more comfortable with the two languages that I speak, before I came here, english was a big obstacle to me, I never wanted to spoke because it scare me but now I think that it’s very easy and that I need to improve my speaking and writing to be better than now.

One incident that i witnessed was when a thief stole the purse of a old woman. It was in D.R out of a supermarket and all the people who was out of the supermarket was involved. I saw that the old woman was walking in the crosswalk and the thief was behind her and then he hit her face and run away with her purse. It was so unfair because the thief let her without her money and belongings and the people instead of help her ignore that she surely have to stay in the streets like a homeless that day and the thing that really makes me so mad is that i could not help her because i’m too young and i don’t have my own things to find the way for help others. In conclusion, injustice is sometime that always make me feel impotent about what i can do, i wish that in a not so far future i could help others when they need it.


CC BY-SA 4.0 This is how my curious life is based in few words! by Yehara is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. America 5 months ago

    I love that this is very eye opening. Everyone faces challenges in life but it only teaches you more about life and yourself.

  2. Ikaika 5 months ago

    This seems to be a good future to set for yourself, and to see that this is what you want to do even with the things you have to see in life. Being who you want to be even when in fear.

  3. Britney 5 months ago

    This writing was very nice to read because of the story she tells, she speaks about how she came from a different place and hardly knew english but now she’s confident in her english and is more fluent with it.

  4. Eclas 5 months ago

    I love the story about the thief its very eye opening. Its crazy how the least expected can happen. Its crazy how someone can be so cruel enough to hit an elder women! This nation has no respect and its very disappointing and sad! It hurts my heart to hear such a story!

  5. Eclas 5 months ago


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