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Neymar says he not got leave Barcelona, his father says yes but the Penal Condition 222m and he will be the expensive player.

The new Manger of Barcelona says”Neymar not got leave Barcelona not gust for the people it’s for the skills he have.”

Neymar Proved to be in Barcelona in the last game and opened with two goals scored in the goal of  Juventus, and Barcelona win 2-1.

Neymar say in social media he not got leave, and says, “those people who says I ‘m leaving that is Rumors.” And he shows his picture that he is confession about the those news

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  1. Abdullah 4 weeks ago

    He will leave Barcelona be cause his father likes money

  2. Taha 4 weeks ago

    He will not leave barcelona. But he wished to be in realmadrid

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