I am from old family genealogy book

Cycas, the gatekeeper

Old sword, a spirit

I am from old photo, my best memory.


I am from a big orchard with lot of fruit

Vegetable garden, more food

Playing and dancing in park

I am from a beautiful clean river, swim in the river.


I am from a park, a symbol of my town

Clean air, fresh everyday

Lot of Pine, decorations of street

I am from peach blossom, means the spring is coming.


I am from my parents, MeiYing and JianEn

An older sister, BinXin Zheng

Cousin, Tony Fan

I am from a big family include my aunt, MiYu.


I am from a funny family, everyone both like friend

Call me 傻逼, means best friends

Call me 小锋, oh it’s my nickname

I am from a serious family, “ If you don’t try, how could you know you can get success.”


I am from a “ chef “ family, everyone can cook a lot

Dumplings, hot pot, symbolize food of China

Ramen, we both like noodles

I am from a “ special chef ” family, Fried chicken legs, chicken soup, vegetable salad, mmm , those are good.


I am from a cool family, we always do some special things

Sleep in the balcony or hall, there is cool for summer

Put a lot of memory in cabinet, significant

I am from a religious family, we go to the temple every year, it’s our belief.


I am from a best family in the world

Family members, teachers also friends

Brawling, it can not broke us

I am from a normal family, no more money, but it’s a paradise.  

  1. Ishak 3 years ago

    I think that is a great poem because you talk about your family and you show the thing and the image shows the clean air.

  2. Grace 3 years ago

    Xuefeng, I love the line, “I am from peach blossom, means the spring is coming” because it not only shows me what is there, but it tells me the meaning of the blossoms. This poem is full of great images!

  3. Lona 3 years ago

    I love the images in your poem, Xuefeng! I can see some what you are describing.

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