I come from Yemen           

It’s my love,  the heart

Like when the blood come out from the veins,

I come from warm weather,

And blood brothers trees shaped like umbrellas….

When I sleep I dream at night  about Yemen,

I felt like a hero when I was there.


There are some people who speak of me that I am smart,

But I am often misunderstood, they say I’m stupid

Tell them I didn’t understand

And I am trying to be intelligent everyday.


There are some people who speak of the president, that he is no good,

Tell them they misunderstood when he want to save the country,

Tell them the war not the way  to save the country ,

Tell them I care about this world.


If I could be an architect, I would go back  home.

I would fix Yemen and make it safe, I would fix it like a different country,

And make the first bridge to africa.

If i could see my future and see what happened to someone to help them,

I would make them happy, and safe.



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  1. Raymond 3 years ago

    I really like your idea of making your country a better place to live and all the positivities you have .

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