To the teachers, the educators, the inspirations,

Thank you. Thank you for the lives you have affected and the knowledge you have shared. For your hard work and dedication to what you do. For your enthusiasm in the good times and perseverance through the bad times. For encouraging your students and never giving up on them.

Sometimes, being an educator may seem like one of the hardest duties to have. There are students who will be resistant to learning and those who make things difficult for you. Some may be rude, unappreciative, and disrespectful. Others may be stubborn, hard to work with, and close-minded. Unfortunately, there will always be those sorts of people in the world. But please try to keep in mind that the work you do has value to the next generation, in ways that you may not even know. There may be a struggling student who is inspired by your kindness and becomes more motivated to work hard and do well. Another student may be captivated by the information they learned in your class and decide to pursue it as a career. Educators have the ability to influence lives through their unique positions.

Unfortunately, you all are not receiving the appreciation you deserve. Funding is being cut from education, especially public education; the amount of reward you get may not match the amount of work you put in; really, education is a difficult profession to go into. But, I can say this from the students, thank you for choosing to do so. Everything from elementary education to higher education contributes critically to our development and growth. It gives us opportunities that we could not dream to have without it. Good teachers nurture great students. Our lives would be vastly different without you. Thank you.


The students, the learners, the inspired


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