1. In theory, GMO’s can potentially help combat world hunger because scientists can alter the products DNA so it can withstand climates that typically that certain produce can not resist. Although this solution has potential to resolving world hunger, it has its consequences. Not only can it affect the human body, it immensely affects the environment. Pollinators are being affected by these products. Bees, Monarch Butterflies, and other pollinators are being affected by these neurotoxins that are meant to kill the insects that are considered plagues for the crop. This is something to be concerned about because Bees are starting to become an endangered species. This can also affect the natural process of pollination since bees are the main source for this process to be achievable. Without pollinators, growing crops can be complicated because there won’t be anything that can pollinate in an organic way these plants. Also the soil can’t withstand to much chemicals and modifications. This is damaging all the natural components of the soil.  For instance, if the soil is losing its potential, what nutritional value will the food have for us? As stated, in theory the concept is excellent, but there is more negative outcomes than there is positive.

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