Genetics have helped millions and millions of people over the world, weather it is genetic in food or technology genetics just help in all type of way and we should use it to the best of our knowledge. Genetics in food help the food grow faster and bigger due to chemicals that have to be injected or sprayed on, the food is good but we don’t know the real outcome in genetics in agriculture. GMO foods is cheap and easy to produce. Some benefits of genetic engineering in agriculture are increased crop yields, reduced costs for food or drug production, reduced need for pesticides, enhanced nutrient composition and food quality, resistance to pests and disease, greater food security, and medical benefits to the world’s growing population.


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  1. Valeria 2 years ago

    Dear william,

    I do really agree with you that genetics in our foods is good thing, one reason I say that is because it made food more easier for people to get there hands on food. It’s true, that our population is growing so much and so fast and it made food less scarce for us. Another reason why I agree with you is because like you said it’s easier and cheaper it would be a whole expensive if we had to plant more and more food for a growing population.

  2. Ahmir 2 years ago

    Do you think if we continue to use gmo foods there will be bad effects in the long run? I think you should elaborate more on GMO’s positive effects.

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