With all the opposing views in the world today, it’s hard for people to agree on most topics; stem cell research falls into this category. Different political beliefs, religions and backgrounds can cause many people to be strongly for or opposed to this research. My goal is to educate those who form opinions on stem cell research without fully understanding what it is, and hear back from you guys. What are your opinions, and did you learn anything new from my infographic?

The overview of what stem cells are is that they are unspecialized cells found in the early developmental stages. These cells can be engineered to become any kind of cell or tissue in the body. A more in depth explanation looks at the formation of these cells and how they are harvested. During the 10th-12th day after fertilization, the egg has split into a few hundred cells and they form a shell with an inner cell mass. This inner ball of cells is where you find stem cells. They are then introduced to chemical signaling molecules or their nuclei are replaced with the nucleus from cells of the new recipient. The versatility of these cells make them the center of a lot of new research.

The future of tissue regrowth and grafts are found in stem cells. They could be used to help diabetics, burn victims, patients with cardiovascular diseases and many more. These cells are so controversial for the same way abortions are. The fact that stem cells need to come from a fertilized egg prompts many to argue that it’s an unnecessary waste of a human life. I’m curious to see what you all think about this new research.




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