Biases have always been present in our society. Although most people know about the existence of biases, not many are aware of how much of an impact they have on our society. Biases are present in almost all parts of the everyday life: in schools, business, restaurants, and public areas. Unfortunately, it also occurs in court cases! “Judges have been found to grant dark-skinned defendants sentences up to 8 months longer for identical offenses” (Implicit Bias and Social Justice). The reason why this is such an important issue because biases in court lead to a cycle of making biases. If a court declares that a black man is guilty, even though he is innocent, this creates more bias that most black men commit crimes.

Bias in Families

For almost as long as biases have been around, people have been trying to stop them from being such a huge issue in our society. There is a reason for why it’s so hard to stop this vicious cycle. “Parents, in their own behavior – especially facial expressions and posture and body language – convey a lot that kids see” (How do parents’ own biases impact their children?). Therefore, when parents unconsciously ask their kids to stay away from a certain colored stranger, this makes the child believe that all people that color are dangerous and scary. Once these kids grow up, the unknowingly pass this bias onto their future children. Thus, it is repeated over and over!

Until society as a whole tries to end this cycle, the creation of biases can never be stopped.

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