Genetic engineering is when the genetic code of an organism is changed to produce a desired trait. By taking two genes and combining them you produce the trait you want.  All living things have DNA but none are the same.  Every trait you can think of is coded in DNA.  Personally I believe technology with this type of experiment is very touchy. I am not quite convinced that engineers have it down to a science to alter genes.  For one, I think it is very dangerous to be relying on science to alter your DNA.

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  1. Trinity 3 years ago

    Rayondre, thank you for sharing these facts and your opinion. I understand your hesitation of genetic engineering, but think of all the great things it could do in the future. I agree with your hesitation on genetic engineering on the front of “designer babies”, or babies that their parents can pick their eye color, hair color, etc. I believe that we should be exploring more of how to prevent genetic disorders, such as down syndrome and cystic fibrosis.

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