They say we are equal, but we aren’t. Women all around the world have their rights ripped away from them and treated like they aren’t good enough because they are women. This has been seen all throughout history that women have been treated far less superior to men.

Women get paid on average 60-75% of a man’s wage yet they work at least twice as many hours. It’s insane to think a guy will get paid $1.00 in American money and a women will get $0.60-$0.75 cents. My only question is why? Why aren’t we good enough? If you worked online and never met your employer they wouldn’t be able to tell if you were female or male. They wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because they’re isn’t one in matters of work ethic. If anything a woman works twice as hard as a man to gain respect. All throughout history women have had to work so much harder to get noticed because being a woman in this world isn’t easy.

1 in 3 women in the world have or will experience abuse. The statistics are so high on this you can’t ignore it. Women get treated badly and are abused yet no one is held accountable. Men get off so easily for crimes committed against women.

As of this year only 23% of the jobs in the government are held throughout the world. Women are never seen as an authority figure because they aren’t seen as powerful. Although society is improving but it still is no wheres close to where it should be. Women should obtain 50% of government jobs and by time we reach that I will be long gone.

People are always saying this or that ethnicity is the biggest minority, but it isn’t. Women are the biggest minority of all. People may say I’m wrong but no group of people have been treated this badly since the beginning of time. No group of people have had this many restrictions or stereotypes. No group of people have been treated like they are worthless for this long. Ever since the human race has existed women have been seen as less superior to men. We have been seen as weak, brainless and irrelevant.  Who is to say I’m worthless according to society?



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  1. Leslie 2 years ago

    Dear Destiny,

    I definitely agree with you me as being female I have asked myself those questions too. But although we are a minority as you may say we will always stand strong no matter what. That’s the best thing about it. One line that stood out to me was where you stated, “Women get paid on average 60-75% of a man’s wage yet they work at least twice as many hours. It’s insane to think a guy will get paid $1.00 in American money and a women will get $0.60-$0.75 cents.” It stood out to me because I didn’t know that was a problem in America I was blown away by this. I love how you post included many statistics it was very informative.

    Thank you for sharing this empowering post!

  2. Gaby 2 years ago

    Dear Destiny , I agree with your post not many women have the same privileges as men and that should change we women should have a voice everyone should have a voice. This stood out to me because not many people agree that women should be able to do things they wanna do because we are just women and women should just do the women things we are strong and hard working too. Thanks for your writing it really caught my attention.

  3. Lauren 3 years ago

    I agree that women are not treated as equals to men in the world and it has been a large issue for a very long time. I like how you ended with a question because it has a lasting effect on readers! Great job with integrating statistics throughout your post as well. Nice job with the post!

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