Posted by Aleah on June 1, 2017

Exploring My Relationship with Oral Presentation Youth Voices Duration


  • What were the names of the two videos you watched? Include a hyperlink of those videos from NowComment.

“TED’s secret to great public speaking” &  “Good and Bad Examples of Presentation”.

  • What did Anderson want the viewers to understand about great public speaking? What were some of the annotations you made?

He want the views to understand that there is no particular formal or way to present and that most people follow the traditional way and tend to come off as clique or  boring.

-“I like his voice, it definitely made me focus more on his voice and it allowed him to stand out from the other “Ted” talks.”

  • What did you understand about good and bad presentation practices from the second video?

I understood that particular gestures or body language are key components to a good or bad presentation.

  • How does the thought of speaking and presenting in front of other people make you feel? Describe prior experiences, if any, that you have had with public speaking and oral presentation.

I get a rush from presenting in front of people, the feeling of accomplishment although I may be nervous and afraid to mess up once I leave the center of attention or walk away I know that I did what I intended.