The issue I’m going to be addressing is stress. Stress is a problem that has been going on for a long time. It is a natural human reaction to when humans feel down or if something isn’t going right for them as planned. Stress can cause people to perform actions that they usually wouldn’t do. It causes people to give up and also has lead to people not wanting to live any longer. This matters because everyone deals with stress but its ways for people to decrease stress or not stress at all. Stress can start as soon as you are a kid. Studies have shown that kids who stress usually don’t do as well as they could in school because the stress takes over and makes them want to give up.

When stressing in school this can translate all the way until your adulthood. This stress makes people not want to work or it can happen from people being at work. But there are ways for people to deal with stress and possibly change the way the way the world is today for many people. People will begin to work faster and actually enjoy what they are doing possibly without being stressed before even going to work or to school and this will help everyone be more productive. The biggest way that people deal with stress is with music. Listening to music helps you in many ways to deal with stress. The soothing sounds of music channels emotions in your body that helps you relieve the stress and block it out. The sounds of music has a huge effect on the mind and the body. Studies have shown that the slow and classical music calms people down. This is a technique I use in a daily life. It’s a relaxing method that gets your mind right. The physiological benefits from this strategy is it helps you with you release stress and it puts you in a better mind state. Some things I find challenging is being in a comfortable environment to where i can do my work and not get distracted while listening to music to calm me.  I would recommend for anybody who likes music a lot. It’s a calming place for people to close everyone off and be happy and focus on what they want.


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