Poverty in the world is an epidemic that, if you ask many economists, may never be solved. Around 9% of the world lives in poverty. Coming from a suburban neighborhood I have been shielded from poverty most of my life, but through work with my partners in this project my eyes have been opened and now I’m here to open yours. Throughout my research I’ve narrowed it down to my four ways we can try and combat poverty and decrease the wage gap. They are investing in a safety net so that there are  minimum living conditions and start providing programs for people on the minimum line to show how to get out of it. These programs should be run by people who have lived it so they speak from life experience. Investing in education for the youth, that’s where learning about your future starts, in inner cities the education level is far lesser than that of non inner school programs. And finally reform the criminal justice system so that people not able to get jobs due to nonviolent crimes have a chance to live in our society without being an outlier. This is my plan for reforming and CHANGING the way society is today.

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  1. Eric 5 months ago

    I think this is a definite problem in America that we should fix. Poverty can easily be eradicated, but people are unwilling to give the support that they should, as well as go out and seek the work that they should. However, I do not think that anyone will actually support these reforms, especially with our current administration. My question is this. What can we do as individuals to fix this?

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