When you think you see something that frightens you and you can’t see it and start thinking of what it could be that’s anxiety and that’s where we confuse it with fear which is something similar but different circumstance. Fear is when there is a scary, or threatening situation where you can see, feel or even smell it what it is that threatens you so now when you start worrying about that test and what grade you got on it that’s anxiety, listening to an infomercial or speech from a political figure who says. “If we don’t stop them then they will take over and ruin our people!” They are filling you with anxiety something that isn’t there but you continue to worry so their now fear-mongers their really anxiety weavers. Now that that is understood now we can start to go into why it is we have anxiety and fear and why they are needed but not meant to control your life.

When we are in need to get away or to hold us back from making stupid decisions that could end in being hurt or dying and makes us looking around to see danger and people who look suspicious to us. “Fear is an emotion that helps protect us from immediate danger.” from Garrett Ray Harriman editor on Explorable. But there are many times when anxiety gets in the way because it prevents us from doing things that we love and makes us not trust people who we’ve known for years.

“All of these emotions, especially fear, whip people up into a state of alarm and they become angry and almost evangelical about what they believe,” says Senko. “It’s like a disease infecting millions of people around the country.” by Niel Strauss editor for the Rolling stones. This has also lead to the many points where we turn on each other in the face of anxiety like exiling Japanese americans, why people believed Marxism which ruined many peoples lives as they were convicted of being communist. Many have lost friends, had family not invite them to social gatherings because of their views and how they react to racial or political parties. If we let this continue we may see this again start to rip apart more than just families and friends our nation will literally split and divide starting civil war again with brother fighting brother or sisters.








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