Below is my annotated bibliography about genetic cloning.I annotated four sources.

The main arguments of this article are that cloning is more natural than it is perceived.The point of this article is to explain what cloning is and how it can help in the future. The topics that are discovered are the history of cloning, reproductive cloning, therapeutic therapy,and controversy over cloning. If someone was to ask me what this article is about I would say it is about the background information on cloning  and how cloning  can help in the near future This source was very useful,it gave sufficient evidence and great examples.This information is reliable because it was given by a group of scientist who deal with genetic cloning. This source is biased to cloning, they feel as though the risk is worth it. The goal of this source was to give a different outlook on genetic cloning.This source was really helpful to me, it allowed me to see genetic cloning and the positive benefits behind it like reproducing a deceased animal. Similar to my other sources the article gave great examples and reasoning. This article destroyed my argument totally  it made me think totally different.



Summary Genetics Generation

This article simply explained what Cloning is in a nutshell. This article was not argumentative it was more informational than anything. The topic that was covered was cloning and basically what it is and how cloning started. If someone was to ask me what the article was about I would respond by saying it was an article to inform people about what cloning is and how it started.This source was very useful. This is one of my weaker sources so it was not as useful as the others but none the less it was still informational. This source is Government ran so it is very reliable and credible. This article is more biased to pro cloning because they discuss how there an organization that does genetic cloning on animals for experiments.This source was helpful to me because it informed me on the history of genetic cloning. This article did not help me shape my argument it only strengthened my knowledge on thhe topic. I can use this article in my argument by explaining how long cloning has been going on and explaining exactly why it started and continues.This article has not changed how i think about the topic



This article covered cloning and the frequently asked questions about the topic.Also included in the article were the positives and negatives reason on why cloning is okay.If someone were to ask me what this article was about i would say it is an article about the future effects and causes of cloning .This source is very useful,because it gives detailed information on the ins and outs of cloning. This source is the informal on why cloning should or should not be allowed. This source is monitored by the United States Government it is  be very reliable. This source is not biased because it gives the best of both sides. The goal of this source is to overall inform people and keep them updated on what’s going on with the topic of cloning.This article was nearly perfect for my research because it help me grasp more of a understanding on what cloning is exactly.This article was really helpful.This article has not changed how i think about cloning at all.



This article discusses the background information on exactly what cloning is , alongside the process of how it is completed. In this article the process is thoroughly explained on the obstacles bypassed and how difficult and complex the transition is.The article explains how SCNT is different  from the  natural way of making embryo. This source was very useful and informing.This is a reliable source because it is a government educational ran site. This source does not take sides on anything therefore it was just informational.This source was very helpful to me, it broadened my understanding of how genetic cloning actually works and how complicated the actual process is.This article helps with my argument in that showing how complicated and dangerous the process can be if not done correctly. I can use this source to give a detailed image on what actually happens during the process of genetic cloning.This source did not change the way I feel about cloning.









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