African Americans make up 6% of the U.S population yet to make up 34% of the victims of  police killings. According to the website, police officers have killed 2,000 people in 2016 1,214 were black. This is a problem because police are killing African Americans at much higher rates than ever before. According to BBC News from 2006 until 2011 the rate of deaths was 49.6, But from 2012 up until now the deaths has risen to 54.5. African Americans can have their hands up or even be arrested; but the police still would shoot African Americans. Often, the officers have no motive for why they keep killing blacks because Whites are not being gunned down at the same rate. The people that are being affected are families of the victims as well as people in the community because their loved ones are being killed and it is scaring the people in the community. The effect on the whole society is  when a person of color dies from a police officer it affects all of them. The reason it affects all of them is because the police department is one so when one officer takes a life for no reason that’s when people start to question is this officer like that to. So it just gives a bad look on them also put their jobs on the line. It does not have to be your friend or family member because the police look at us all the same way. Police men look at African Americans like a threat to society they let what other black males did in the past and portray it on us like we all are the same but we really are not. America as a whole needs to care more because innocent people are dying unnecessarily from police using excessive force and nobody is stopping this problem. Police brutality is a huge tragedy it’s unfair that many police officers go off assumptions also what they think and not what they know. However there is a lot of evidence backed up on the victims from cameras and video recordings showing that they do not fight back and do not resist arrest. The percentage of African Americans that are being gundown are extremely higher than the percentage of whites gunned down due to police brutality and that suggests a social inequality. In order to fix the damage that is caused by police brutality targeting African Americans police academies need to have racial bias classes and also race ethnicity classes, this will help potential officers to understand and correct their own biases .


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