The economy is slow and minimal in its growth, and I wish to change that. I would hope that the government reflects on the environment to do business in this country, and realize that it needs to be improved. the fact is that is so difficult to start a business and to stay in business due to government over regulation and taxation, that businesses close all over the country every year at staggering rates because they can’t afford to stay open due to the overbearing costs that big government has imposed onto them. I hope that the government takes action to cut taxes and cut regulations to make it easier to do business in the country so that the economy can truly boom and not barely drag along like it is doing today. I want to see an economy so prosperous it is one the world has never seen before, not a minimal growth, barely dragging by economy like we have today. Here is the link to my info graphic:

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How Overregulation Is Killing The Economy

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