Often times people do not realize that they are sometimes hurting others. When it comes to gay rights lots of people do not show much interests perhaps because of religion or personal morality. I stand for LGBT  rights not because I’m lesbian  but because I actually have loved ones who are gay and whose rights at some point it feels like if it does not matter at all. I wonder why is their so much discrimination towards LGBT in workplaces? Why isn’t their many states that have anti-discrimination laws? Is their sexual orientation a choice? According to Gay and Transgender people face high rates of workplace discrimination and harassment 43 percent of gay and transgender have workers have experience discrimination on the job. Also, 28 percent were negatively evaluated or passed over just because they were gay.  According to the washington post people do get influence in their sexual orientation and some art biologically born. There has always been a debate whether it is born with it or influenced.






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  1. Emily 3 years ago

    I have relatives as well that are part of the LGBT community and they feel like they have a disadvantage in society because everyone looks at them in a different way. People that are gay, lesbian, or transgender do not deserve any other type of treatment besides the treatment everyone else deserves. They are citizens of the US so why are they treated unfairly? This makes no sense. Me myself not being gay probably has a different perspective than people that are. But all I can say is that I think everyone needs to be treated fair.

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