The genetic engineering application I decided to use was cloning. The way this works is basically we breed certain animals with certain genes and DNA in order to get a product or result that we desire. Something I learned from reading about this is that it is used on companion animals, wild animals, farm animals and experimental animals. Some cons that come with cloning are that you would need a multitude of animals to accomplish it. Another potential con could be that we could have unnecessary duplicates.  The pros of this are that we would get the products that we need and that we are able to develop and explore more with our abilities to do such things. Welfare for animals is an issue, if we have too many animal duplicates then we will have potential unexpected changes of shifts in our numbers. A shift we may not even need. Some ethical problems this brings up are intellectual property, and patenting of created animals and/or the techniques used to create them.



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  1. Kemonjie 3 years ago

    I like how they did a lot of research on the application, I can see how they really was interested in the topic. I didn’t know a lot about cloning but after i read this it gave me a lot of information. I didn’t know that if we had to many of the same animals it will be bad i always thought if you had a lot of animals its good because they will not go extinct.

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